Upside Down Mortgage

Upside Down Mortgage - California

Many people are in the upside down mortgage situation in California. So, what to do when you are upside down in your mortgage in CA? First of all, you are not alone. Many people go through foreclosure because of upside down mortgage daily in California. With the highly inflated property value and very creative real estate financing added to the favorable real estate laws in California, a large number of people fall into the upside down mortgage situation that they wouldn't have had they lived in another state.

An upside down mortgage case in California

If you enter the CA real estate market during the real estate boom, you may be unfortunate enough to catch it at its peak and are now upside down in mortgage loans. You may have gotten an adjustable rate mortgage, an interest only mortgage or a balloon mortgage which make it easier for you to be upside down on. Most Californians are good about paying their mortgage payments. They are usually not late and are not behind on their mortgage payments until the mortgage rates start adjusting while the market value of the home has not gone up recently to make up the difference. Since the real estate market has slowed down in California just as it is in other states, refinancing is not an option because when you want to refinance a house with no equity, you have to come up with a large sum of money.

Upside Down Mortgage in California

The real estate laws in California make it easy for people to become upside down in their mortgages. Financing is easy to obtain because houses are so expensive and realtors and mortgage officers are struggling to make commissions. Many people in California are screaming that they were scammed into the loans that lead to them being upside down in their mortgage.  However, in CA, especially, lawsuits are common than anywhere else and suing a loan officer or loan company will take time and money.

Loans to watch out for include the 80/20 piggy back loans with a fixed and adjustable periods every 6 months or so. If you haven't checked lately how much your home is worth, check first to find out how upside down you are by using our Free tool for home valuation.

Once you have the valuation of your home and know exactly how upside down you are, then you are ready to consider options that will help you with your upside down mortgage in California.

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